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Accreditation details and affiliation status are as follows:

  •  SASSETA Accreditation number   :           07197003976
  •  Professional Registration - PSIRA :           1096422
  •  SERVICES SETA (MOU - Corpro)  :           0660
  •  Final site visit to establish a FET College will complete application process in the near future. 

We embrace the following effective and efficient principles:

  •  Before spending time & money on planning activities, develop the project strategy and present it to your superiors using a gateway method. 
  •  Develop general financial literacy for managers as essential tools for change agents. 
  •  The process is driven from the individual and does not wait for the superior to drive it. 
  •  Successful change agents are governed by pre-determined and agreed upon deliverables.
  •  Discomfort is the catalyst for change.
  •  Risk Management and Stakeholder Communication are paramount in any change situation.

  • Respect clients for having unique environments, requirements and resources.
  •  Use dependent and independent resource pools to maximize effectiveness.
  •  Every project is governed by time, cost and output. Managing these dimensions is essential to minimizing project risks and increasing project success. 
  •  Delivery of agreed outputs remains the focus.

The Company intends to become the leading and preferred skills development company, Learnership and Job Placement Agency and the leading SMME’s (Micro-enterprises) empowerment co-operative in Africa.

Become the preferred service provider for skills development programs to improve human potential and capacity building for Government, State Owned Enterprises and Private Sector Organisations.  

  •  Develop a culture of life-long learning through continuous development and assessment in line with our central theme of EMPOWERING THE NATION.
  •  Assist in the development of skills in the formal economy for productivity and employment growth in conjunction with the opportunities created by the Sector Education Training Authorities (SETAS) and the Department of Higher Education.
  •  Stimulate and support skills development in small businesses through continuous development programmes, innovation, and the formation of co-operatives.
  •  Promote skills development for empowerment, employability and sustainable livelihoods.
  •  Through our Network of services assist new entrants into learner ships and employment.
  •  Totally align ourselves with the Government Mandate of Job Creation. 

How to get a Certificate of Completion?

After completion of the online course a Certificate of Completion will be issued. However, if you required a credit bearing certificate (a Certificate of Competence), you need to apply for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process to be initiated. The Accredited Assessor will then contact you to arrange for a contact session and the completion of a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) must be submitted for assessment. The additional fee structure will be finalised aligned with the requirements of the Unit Standard. 

Please apply for RPL here >



  • Our training courses are endorsed with the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB-ED) as well as The University of The North (Limpopo).
  •  All courses as aligned with unit standards through the various SETA’s.
  •  We are registered and constituted, Assessors and Moderators in all the programs we offer.
  •  Also, depending on the product(s) selected; additional benefits are listed below:

  • By implementing an accelerated development program, the out-of-office time for learners is reduced. It is not possible to guarantee productivity improvement or even competency levels, but we trust that effectiveness will improve, and subsequently also efficiency.
  •  Ability for managers to re-plan and forecast (projections) should increase.
  •  Budgeting and Budget control in organizations should improve.
  •  Motivational levels of the sales and marketing team should improve.


Duration Organisation
2012 (Current) Sun International Training of Security Officers and Security Managers
2011 (Current) Training of Tracker SA personnel in Crime Resolving
2010 (Current) University of Namibia Business School: MBA lecturer and mentor
2009 (Current) Namibian Training Authority: Nation Vocational Training Development
2008 (Current) Eskom Contractors Training Academy: Business Finance & Project Management
2007 (Current) Johannesburg City Council: Finance for Non-Financial Managers & Project Managers
2003 (Current) BMW: Dealership Management System, Program Management and Auditor
2002 (Current) University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development: Project Management, Operations Management and Supply Chain Management
2004 The Anti-Corruption Bureau Malawi: Prevention and investigation of crime and fraud in all their departments, Project Management and Training

Duration Organisation
2003 - 2006 ABSA: NT to XP Rollout , Program Management
2002 - 2005 BMW SA: Project Management Business Skills
2002 - 2003 Coallink: Organisational Transformation Project, Program Management
2002 South African Police Service (SAPS): Project Approach to Special Investigations Training Program; Program Management and Training
2001 - 2003 Business-Against-Crime (BAC) / United Nations Drug Prevention Office: Customs Officials Development Program, Management Consulting and Training
2001 - 2009 Lonmin (Western Platinum Refinery): Supervisory and Management development, Project Management and Training
2000 - 2004 Lesotho Electricity Corporation (LEC): Resources Empowerment and Development Program
1999 - 2000 Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines: Counseling and Retraining Program, Program Management, Project Management and Training
1995 Eskom: Accelerated Development Program and Business Improvement consulting, Program Management and Training


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